Khunpan mahasanae(thai charm amulet) - Siammongkol Thai Amulet for you

Siammongkol Thai Amulet for you

This is thai amulet shop best thai amulet sacred object and talisman (prakreung thai, takrud, krieung rang kong klung thai) for you ,(best trade for singapore, malasia, china, hongkong ) all is genuine. do you want best thai amulet ? you can find here.


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วันพุธที่ 31 สิงหาคม พ.ศ. 2559

Khunpan mahasanae(thai charm amulet)

khunpan mahasanae white color
price 500.-bath

khunpan mahasanae black color
price 500.-bath

khunpan mahasanae white yellow
price 500.-bath

bless holy ceremory by ajarn somracha

made from year 2012, The materials used to build conbind of charm powder from professor

-charm powder from ajarn somracha
-charm power from luang-pu chern
-charm power from luang-pu kru-ba-kaiew
-Some piece of plants which has a charm power
-some piece of phra khunpan broken

Properties :
2.Make a good furtune

recite a spell : na-met-tha-ja-ma-ha-ra-cha-u-met-tha-ja-ma-ha-ra-cha-ar-met-tha-ja-ma-ha-ra-cha-sub-pa-si-nae-ha-ja-pu-chi-tha-sub-pa-su-kung-ja-ma-ha-la-pung-ra-cha-gro-tung-vi-nas-sun-thi-cha-na-gro-tung-vi-nas-san-thi-sub-pa-gro-tung-vi-nas-san-thi (and pray a desires)

Prohibition : Do not use to any one who married. and usurp

Special term :
-order 10 pieces discount 10%
-order 20 pieces discount 20%
-order 30 pieces discount 30%

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