Yikorhong - piyao best amulet for gambling lucky and business - Siammongkol Thai Amulet for you

Siammongkol Thai Amulet for you

This is thai amulet shop best thai amulet sacred object and talisman (prakreung thai, takrud, krieung rang kong klung thai) for you ,(best trade for singapore, malasia, china, hongkong ) all is genuine. do you want best thai amulet ? you can find here.


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วันเสาร์ที่ 13 สิงหาคม พ.ศ. 2559

Yikorhong - piyao best amulet for gambling lucky and business


Yikorhong is nick name of hong techawanich he is a noble man in the reign of king rama 6 of thailand .he built a lottery shop. When he died, he was regarded as the god of luck and glambling . People preferred to plead fortune with him. Most people success

The Pi Yao is probably one of the most popular Feng Shui items . Its supremacy second only to the Dragon, this heavenly creature (also known as Pi Kan in its sea form or Pi Xiu in its earthly form) is considered by Feng Shui pratitioners to both a powerful protector as well as enhancer. Resembling a winged lion, it is particularly influential and auspicious in creating and maintaining wealth. This stems from the story of Pi Yao having violated a law of heaven and was punished by being restricted to a diet of only god and silver, with no means of expelling as its anus was sealed. This translates symbolically to wealth coming in and none going out. Talk about gaining from the suffering of others

Given its multitude of positive attributes and versatility, figurines of Pi Yao are often featured prominently in large corporations such as banks and casinos whereas its smaller version is used as amulets for protection and also to usher in blessings and good fortune.

Yikorhong - piyao : For the first time combines the two power 

incense powder of 7 shrine (polular and holy place)

1. Powder Incense shrine of YiKorHong. Plubplachai Police station(former house of yikorhong) Chinatown Yaowarach bangkok.

2. Powder Incense of Maha Uma Devi Temple in Silom(Wat Khaek), Silom Bangkok.

3. powdere incense shrine of The Erawan Shrine  Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Ratchaprasong.

4. powdere incense shrine of Lord Ganesha. And Trimurti central World Bangkok Ratchaprasong.

5. Powder Incense Temple of Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (Wat Leng Noei Yi) Chinatown Yaowarach bangkok.

6 powdere incense Shrine Ti Hong Kong, China Town. Yaowarach Bangkok.

7. Powder Incense Temple of Wat Mangkon Kamalawat2 (Wat Leng Noei Yi2) Bangbuathong Nonthaburi.

bless holy ceremony

1.ceremony on 6-08-2015 at bangyai hermit abode nonthaburi

2.ceremony a holy by master sarayoot disciple of luangpu chern wat tha e burirum
bless holy by ajarn sarayoot tikayano abode suan pak nonthaburi thailand

Yikorhong - piyao is best amulet for blaming and lucky 

Yikorhong - Piyao Top best piece 2 goldren takrud
3,000 Bath.

Yikorhong - Piyao best piece 1 goldren takrud
2,000 Bath.

Yikorhong - Piyao 1 takrud
500 Bath.

Yikorhong - Piyao
300 Bath.
Special term :
-order 10 pieces discount 10%
-order 20 pieces discount 20%
-order 30 pieces discount 30%

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